New framework: HTTPSocket is not yet compatible with Web Apps

In the documentation it says:

Also, for the security settings it says:

So, this is correct, at the moment we cannot replace httpsecuresocket in a web application, right?

Right, and being that web apps are just a Service Application under the hood, I’d expect them to have this problem too (and by extension, Console Applications).

Considering PayPal will require HTTP 1.1, HTTPS, and TLS 1.2 at the end of September is there any status update on this? I’d like to be able to handle payment notifications.

To be more precise, Paypal IPN has been requiring HTTP1.1 since Feb 2013.

At this moment I use a PHP listener, which calls a Xojo app for the generation of license information when needed.

It sure would make sense to have that Xojo app listen to instant payment notification itself.

I am somewhat disillusioned right now…

Without being able to connect to PayPal with HTTP1.1 and SSL, Xojo Web Apps are left totally useless for payment verification. I’m sure developers would appreciate PayPal IPN capabilities in Xojo instead of workarounds with PHP.

It would go a long way for Xojo recognition to have a Xojo listener example in the list of languages available on

My plan was to make a control that could handle the IPN as I’m sure there’s people here interested in buying it.

But either way, Xojo cannot connect to PayPal until the security settings and net.socket are available for Web.

As of today (12 Feb 2016) can we use Paypal with Xojo or not?

It seems the HTTPS requiremet for Paypal IPN will only be enforced in September, or do they require it today for new customers?

They require http 1.1 as of right now, so no.


You can use MBS CURL Plugin.
Does TLS 1.2, HTTP 1.1 and HTTPS with local certificates.

Thanks Christian, I will check it out.

Also, if one happens to be in Australia, Australia Post’s Secure Frame all-in-one gateway/merchant account also seems compatible.

Actually, the way the Paypal IPN listener is built in Php or Perl is rather simple.

Paypal hits the listener with a Post containing all the fields, and the app replies by posting back the values with a token added. In Php when they started requiring 1.1 it was just a matter of one header to add.

I cannot remember at the moment if and which headers if any HandleURL and HandleSpecialURL send, but it would not seem terribly difficult to do exactly the same. In this instance, I do not think Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket would be of any help, since it does not listen anyway.

Using the API is another matter, but in that case the MBS CURL plugin probably has that covered.