New Forum category for Web 2.0?

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Wouldn’t it be better to have a new Forum Category for Target / Web 2.0 ?

There are many changes with Web 2.0, not to say many issues.
Having a separate forum category for specific Web 2.0 issues or questions would be really helpful.

This was already mentioned in August:
What do you think about that ?



Already suggested that in August:

I totally agree with a Web 1 vs a Web 2 category on the forums. Been waiting for Web 2.0 for a very long time, and know that Xojo is totally dedicated to the task of making all platforms compatible, so it’s time to separate the past from the future of Xojo, given Android is near stable and finally released for usw–the reason for choosing the language 4 years ago over MS. Know Xojo is a small, but forward and dynamic company with dedicated professionals. All, being human as myself, but it’s time is getting short. The market for Android changed, as with all other platforms, where is Android?

A postnote, glad xojo professionals are waiting before an unstable release of what was promised many years ago. Time to separate Web 1 vs Web 2, so any developer can determine how to code to the future with all platforms being the same, reason for migrating from MS VS-Studio.

There are two sides to this argument. On one side are the folks who will continue to use Web 1.0 and want to ask questions and get help with that target. On the other side is the fact that Web 2.0 isn’t just the future, it’s the present. While I’ve not spoken to them directly about forking the Web target category, the truth is that there is only one actively developed Web target in the Xojo product at this time.

Edited to clarify my intention in the last sentence.

That is not what Xojo is telling on social media as they recognize Web 1.0 will be around for quite some time, especially with a lot of people having quite large projects laying around and Xojo advising not to upgrade them to Web 2.0 if not needed. Maybe an official Xojo employee could shine some light on this?


Please see my edit above.

I would agree with Anthony. Web 2.0 is the current active product. If you have a post about Web 1.0, include that somewhere in the body. It should be safe to assume posts that don’t call this out are about Web 2.0.

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This would be valid only for new posts, and only assuming people would always mention their Web version.
There are hundreds of posts for Web1.0 and already plenty of posts for Web2.0. Searching a single Web category is not easy.

Web1.0 and Web2.0 are really different products.


While I don’t have any Web 1.0 projects, it does seem to me that creating a new forum category for 2.0 will help avoid new people (presumably 2.0) from seeing misleading older forum posts. And while that isn’t completely unique to web since there is a similar problem with desktop APIv1 vs APIv2 answers, it does seem like a good time to make a break and keep a web 1.0 forum for people WANTING to search or ask about it. While not providing misleading threads if wanting answers for web 2.0

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It would have been nice to make a new web category and move existing threads to web 1 category.

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lol, that are NOT two sides, both are the SAME side, the need to have Web 1 and Web 2 appart.

As Alain said, Xojo wants people to believe Xojo Web 1.0 has support, so, at least they should have a category for that.

If you weren’t so busy trying to be right and “um actually” Anthony and myself, you’d realize that Anthony is talking about two sides to the discussion.

The last thing we need is more categories for people to “um actually” over. I frequently see that when someone doesn’t have anything useful to add to the discussion, they complain about the category the author selected.

Please, stop and revisit the guidelines before correcting someone.

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Isn’t it so that the present is Web1.0 and Web2.0 because Web2.0 isn’t stable and at this time everything else than ready so there are many users with Web1.0 developing because there is at this time no way of transitioning projects to Web 2.0?

If I’m right there would have be an urgent need for two threads. One Web1.0 and one Eeb2.0

No. While Xojo has indicated that they may provide updates to keep Web 1.0 projects functioning, the future is Web 2.0. Web 1.0 will likely never see new functionality or more trivial bug fixes. Web 1.0 is a target that users should be moving away from.

That does not implement that users will not develop with it because it is faster, more reliable, more functionaland has less bugs than Web 2.0. a user to user forum has nothing to do with the reasons you wrote about. Beside the craziness of xojo to loose the documentation for Web 1.0 you are cutting the last chances of informations for Web 1.0. this is the behavior of a deliverer of citizens and not of pros, I am really sorry.

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Nobody is saying you can’t post your Web 1.0 questions here, just clarify that’s what you’re asking about. Having two categories really isn’t a necessity. We need to move forward with the product, not stand still.

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By the logic that is being applied by some, we should have the following variants for almost every category on these forums:

  1. API 1.0
  2. New Framework
  3. API 2.0

It’s not only untenable, but wasteful and far too divergent. The assumption should be that a post is targeting whatever is current unless otherwise noted in the specific topic.


Sorry we have examples enough around so we know that the way you want to go is more complex for the users. It is more that xojo says please no web1.0 anymore. But from some reasons I have to say sorry because xojo sold this product until this year and from one moment to the other it wAs deprecated. Is this really the way you think you can behave with the customers?

I’m not speaking for Xojo, I’m attempting to explain how I see the issue. I agree with the current path, and I’ll say nothing further here. I’ve stated my personal position, and I’m not going to argue for the sake of argument.

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