New File Sharing Problem Between Xojo iPad App and iTunes

Thanks to the great people on this forum, I was able to add an info.plist to my app that allows file sharing between my iOS iPad app and iTunes. The idea is that I can transfer data in a SQLite database file between the Mac/PC and iPad. The info.plist worked like a charm. See:

link text

But, now when I make a change in the sqlite database on the Mac and then use iTune’s File Sharing, there is no change in the database when running the iPad app. It displays the old data. The weird thing is that in iTunes the time changes as if the file was replaced and when I unplug the iPad and replug it back in, open iTunes copy the file back from the iPad to the Mac the updated file is the one that is copied.

So, if the updated sqlite file was indeed transferred to the iPad in the first place why is it that I can’t see the changes on the iPad? Are there two files that are transferred? Does anyone have any idea why this may be happening?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If anyone is interested in how to do this, I figured it out. It was my code. I had this code:

[code] Dim dbFile As FolderItem
dbFile = SpecialFolder.GetResource(“KTM6.sqlite”

// temporary until saving works
dbFile = SpecialFolder.GetResource(“KTM6.sqlite”)[/code]

I replaced it with this code:

[code] Dim dbFile As FolderItem
dbFile = SpecialFolder.Documents.Child(“KTM6.sqlite”)

If dbFile.Exists Then
App.KTM6 = New SQLiteDatabase
App.KTM6.DatabaseFile = dbFile

AlertBox.Message = dbFile.Path
AlertBox.Title = “Unable to locate database.”
End If[/code]

That now works well. I can now make a change in the sqlitefile, drag it to iTunes and sync it with the iPad.

You just need to make sure you drop the info.plist into your project. That code is below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> UIFileSharingEnabled

Copy it to a text editor and save it as info.plist. It works like a charm.