New Excel 2019 with Xojo API 2 Book

Version 4.0 (June 2021) of the book ‘I Wish I Knew How To… Program Excel 2019 with Xojo API2’ has been released with over 700 modifications to existing code which ports API1 to API2. This was created with Xojo 2021 R1.1.


This book is an accumulation of over 10 years of Xojo and Microsoft Excel questions, examples, and solutions to various inquiries.

More details and purchasing of the book are available at the following links:

ISBN: 978-1-927924-30-3

All examples have been created with native code by using Xojo 2021 r1.1. There is an older book for API 1 and a few API 2 examples that remains available which covers Excel 2016.

Broad categories of changes are listed below:

New to Version 4.0 - June 2021 – Excel 2019 and Xojo API2

  • Over 700 changes to Example code. General categories of changes are listed below
  • Update code to Microsoft Excel 2019
  • Update all code to API 2
  • Uses version Xojo 2021 r1.1
  • Updated all project IDE minimum versions
  • Update plugin installation instructions
  • Fixed numerous grammatical errors
  • Changed API MsgBox to API2 MessageDialog.Show (Example 2-1)
  • Added filename suffix -API2 to signify change in program
  • Updated Example2-2 with multiple changes from API1 to API2
  • Changed API1 AbsolutePath to API2 NativePath function
  • Converted example xls files to xlsx
  • Changed GetFolderItem to FolderItem.Constructor
  • Changed Date to DateTime (Example 3-14)(Example 7-4)
  • Changed Listbox ListIndex to SelectedRowIndex (Example 3-25)
  • Changed Listbox ListCount to RowCount
  • Changed Listbox Cell to CellValueAt
  • Changed Listbox Heading to HeaderAt
  • Changed StrComp to String.Compare (Example 3-26)
  • Removed extra and unused variables in Examples
  • Example 4-10 (4-12) updated to API 2 code, except for Date – no TotalSeconds option available
  • Updated to Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable in Example 11-1
  • Updated API1 RecordSet to API2 Rowset
  • Updated API1 ErrorMessage to API2 DatabaseException
  • Updated API1 Field to API2 Column
  • Update API1 Value to API2 StringValue
  • Removed API1 MoveNext with API2 For Each Row as DatabaseRow in rs
  • Updated API1 Microseconds to API2 System.Microseconds
  • Updated API1 SetText to API2 Text
  • Updated API1 Split to API2 String.Split
  • Updated API1 Ubound to API2 LastIndex
  • Changed 1-based arrays to 0-based arrays where needed
  • Changed to API2 Picture.Save with Picture.Formats type
  • Updated Example Excel files from xls to xlsx format

Take my money! Thank you for this update!


Hi Eugene Dakin,

Thank you for your excellent book which I just purchased and for sharing your knowledge.

Very well done. I can recommend this book to everyone interested in using Excel together with Xojo.

Keep up the good work!



Thanks for the kind words everyone. :slight_smile:

There was so much to mention about the changes that went into this book, I should also mention that these were the latest examples to be added:

  • Added copying a sheet (Example 16-1)
  • Added TextToColumns (Example 3-29)
  • Added Dynamic Row and Formula (Example 3-30)
  • Added RemoveDuplicates method (Example 16-2)
  • Added PasteSpecial example with constants (Example 12-4)
  • Added sorting of Alphabetical and numerical data (Example 3-31)
  • Added row count of total data with UsedRange.Rows.count command (Example 3-31)
  • Added copy and paste example from two different files (Example 12-05)
  • Added deletion of blank rows of data (Example 15-5)
  • Added counting rows of data in individual columns (Example 10-16)
  • Added the deletion of rows with a value equal to zero (Example 15-6)
  • Added counting workbook sheets (Example 3-28)
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Bought! Thanks!

If you are a Mac only user, the title would seem to warn you off. Are there Mac users out there that have this book and find it useful nonetheless? Or is Excel for Windows such a different animal than Excel for Mac that the book is not relevant?