New editor features - move/duplicate lines

With the release of 2023r1, a feature I’ve been harassing urging the Xojo team to add is finally here: the ability to move or duplicate lines in the editor via the keyboard.

With your cursor anywhere in a line, try option-up/down to move the line.(alt-up/down on other platforms.) Add shift into the mix to duplicate that line in the direction of the arrow.

This will change your life. :slight_smile:


@Alyssa_Foley beat me to it. :slight_smile:


only because I had head start :slight_smile:

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Or type faster? :laughing:

I confess: I just read a tweet about it, and wondered how ‘copy and paste’ was a feature deserving of an exclamation mark in 2023. :slight_smile:
Looking forward to having my life changed…

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Sadly agreed. Not only I don’t need these new features, but I’ve seen times where I just wanted to change the current selection/insert point using the keyboard and ended up duplicating a line by mistake. By typing fast, I was almost not noticing this.

An option to turn this off would please me.