New documentation - Google trackers

The new documentation uses Google trackers and

Are these trackers also implemented and active in local installations of the documentation?

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Of course. The documentation is just an embedded htmlviewer. Screenshot of LittleSnitch where I blocked Tag Manager:

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Thank you @Beatrix_Willius.

@Xojo team: Please advise on the purpose of tracking user activity in a local installation.


While we are on Documentation, I searched for “documentation horizontal scrollbar” and I didn’t find anything in the neither neither in bug report.
When I look the page for specialfolder documentation, I can’t see the right of the page except if I select some text and drag the mouse to the right.

Do you how to do or may I fill a bug report?

I think it is designed to work without a horizontal scrollbar. In Safari, I can horizontally scroll the table within the page that is shown in your screenshot.

I have the same problem if I use the IDE (Xojo, not my browser).

We use Google Analytics to know the most popular pages and search terms so we can keep improving results.


Thanks; I’ve just done the same thing.
Just don’t want to be tracked by Google.

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well i’m using Brave on mac all day for quite a while , it blocks everything by default, including this

plus windows got noticed recently
if you use google search and everything, they store eveything anyway
it’s funny how tracking is only apple concern, like the rest of the world don’t mind being tracked, every where, facebook for example, the xojo doc is not a problem

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You better start improving your documentation, then, later do - eventually that - because I spend (waste) many hours yesterday to search from where the code I used comes, none of the watched pages were popular from me.

In other words:
When you waste hours searching for something you finallky found saved in your hard disk, your analyze cannot help you !

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GA is not GDPR-Compliant therefore illegal in the EU. Just mentioning this.


OK, here my contribution. Xojo Doc is like this:

And now Dash:


Here is a list of Xojo documentation alternatives which are similar to the old documentation searches:

macOS: Dash
Windows: Velocity
Linux: Zeal


!! great thanks, but me in dash i only got 2021r3.1 verion, i just installed dash today

well it seems like i have 2 now

Same here. But it has API2 already. I do not know if Xojo is going to support Dash in future again. But for me there is no development without, also because of the automated code snippets they offer. Dash is the gold standard for me.

Anyone at Xojo listening here? Will you provide an updated docset in future? Thanks a lot!

btw.: MBS plugin docs are also abailable there, and many more.