New DLL's

I compile my Windows builds on Mac. WIth 2020r1 I am getting (I think) new DLL’s… inc*65.dll.

What are they, and are they necessary for my app to run?

Xojo rarely tosses in stuff to the built app “just for fun” :slight_smile:

The names of a few might point out what they are
Builds for Windows now have the option of assuming that certain DLL’s are pre-installed (mostly on Windows 8 and newer) OR can include them next to the exe itself so the Windows OS will find them (usually this is for Windows 7 only)
This is selectable on the Advanced tab in the Inspector when you select the Windows build target
By enabling the Include Runtime DLL’s you will get a number of DLLD right next to the exe
Unless the Windoes C Runtime has been installed already (specifically on Windows 7) this is a simple way to make sure the runtime requirements of the app are met

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