New Connection to Web Help

OK… I have used XOJO and Realbasic to develop some standalone tools for my personal productivity. I use a Task management tool for managing projects and have been told it is not a project management tool but a Todo tool.
I think people are wrong and there can be some enhancements done that are time-consuming to do so I am looking to automate them with XOJO.
The problem is I am a complete newbie when it comes to connecting to a 3rd party database and then loading it in a XOJO app manipulating it and Sending it back

The App I am trying to develop has several APIs and SDKs

I am trying to determine the best method while still playing… I know monkey bread has a CURL plugin and others have a REST.
I am trying to learn while not spending $$$ and basically start climbing up the mountain and end up sliding down and giving up again and again.

Can someone point me in the right direction on what I should start with, etc…

My first task is simply to connect to the Web Service and download the data into a SQLLite databse that I already have created.


You can do this without any plugins.

URLConnection to get the data from Web API.

Database: SQLite for local file DB or MYSQL/MariaDB if you want a DB Client/Server - Syntax is basically the same between SQLite and Maria/MYSQL. Use “DB Browser - SQLite” or “Heidi SQL” to make it easy create your table code and test your queries. will help you get started on the DB side.