New Book Released - MemoryBlocks

The Xojo book I Wish I Knew How To…Use MemoryBlocks with Xojo has been released today. The book provides working examples to modify memory, work with structures, and work with binary files. Eugene goes through Bitwise Operations, classic and new framework reading and writing of memory blocks, adding, editing, and removing data, and binary streams.

MemoryBlocks are difficult to master, and provide added speed and flexibility to your programs. Because this is a more challenging topic, there are few resources that are written and even less examples are available. This book provides information and examples on how to work through each solution whether you are a beginning or advanced Xojo programmer.

-Introduces memoryblock addresses and data theory
-Learn about data assignment and retrieval
-Techniques available for text encoding and decoding
-Code for Windows, OSX and Linux OS’s
-Understand solutions with strings and text
-Create, save, and read binary mixed data type binary data files
-Examples include both Classic MemoryBlock and New Framework MemoryBlock data types
-And more…

There are more than 180 pages with over 55 example programs that encompass 10 Chapters. These examples were written and tested with Xojo 2017 r2.

This ebook is a PDF document and all examples include Xojo code. It is presumed that you have an intermediate understanding of the Xojo programming language.

The MemoryBlock Table of Contents is available on the authors website at and click in the books header to search for the book. The table of contents has a listing of all the examples in the books, and many terms, and commands used with MemoryBlocks.

ISBN: 978-1-927924-18-1

The book can be purchased at xDevLibrary

Would like to buy it. But trying to do so leads to and when opening this bells are ringing on my pc and when I ignore these I land on a weird page.

Thanks for letting me know about this issue Joost. I have contacted @Marc Zeedar to let him know and provide a solution.

What sort of bells and what weird page, Joost?

GumRoad is a digital delivery service and payment processor I use for xDev Library. There shouldn’t be any cause for alarm and I haven’t heard of any issues with them. Been using them for years.

I bought quite some books from your store Marc, but never got this:

Weird! That looks like you’re in some sort of page editing mode, which you shouldn’t be able to access. Bizarre.

I’m not sure of a solution. I suspect it’s something odd with your setup as others are buying the new book without a problem (as far as I can tell). Can you try a different browser and see if you get the same result?

The CSS didn’t load for whatever reason is what that is.

That had occurred to me, by why are there options to set a “GumRoad default,” customize, and such? Seems odd for that stuff to be part of CSS that customers would receive.

Well that’s gumroad for you. I just checked the source, it’s all there inside a customization-module.
This is pretty much what we warn people about here when we recommend not hiding things logged out users but rather not sending them {dying laughing emoji because the forum keeps removing it}

Ah, that makes sense, then. So they’re mixing customer and client code options together and hiding one or the other depending on who is logged in – a bit crazy!

Bottom line for Joost is that despite the strange-looking page and alarms, there’s nothing really broken or wrong – just some CSS that didn’t load. Maybe clear cache and refresh page or try a different browser and it should work.

Went to another computer, also with Firefox, cleared the cache first, but nope … same story.
With Chromium it worked fine. So got the book now.