New Blog - Intelligent Visibility

Hello once again Xojo-land Members,

I wanted to share our company’s blog site that we have just established:

I have to pre-warn you that 90% of the topics that we will post will be around networking technologies that our software serves such as Software Defined Networking (SDN), Arista technologies, Cisco technologies, and a lot of Banana/Raspberry Pi stuff that we are doing. I WILL post some things on Xojo, because I love Xojo, but I wanted to post this because I know many of you have interest in these technologies along side of the actual coding.

I welcome any input and I appreciate being apart of this community.

Mike Cotrone

Hi again everyone. This blog post I wrote talks about how I organize my development using Xojo and a tool written in Xojo by one of our Forum Members. I know there are a lot of new Xojo developers coming aboard so I recommend that you check this post out. It has helped me tremendously. Have a great week!