NEVPNManager / VPN Connections

Anyone been able to code and start a VPN connection from within Xojo for IOS or MacOS?


Nobody working controlling the network connections? Guess it is another job for Xcode then…

Not necessarily. You may be able to do this with declares, it’s just that no one has needed it yet.

on os x ?
scutil can connect to them once they are configured


   man scutil


   scutil --nc help

for a list of commands

scutil --nc list 

gives a list of available services - their names are in double quotes

oh and to configure one try

 man networksetup 

and be flummoxed by the immense list

OH and
The networksetup command is used to configure network settings typically configured in the System Preferences application. The networksetup command requires at least “admin” privileges to run. Most of the set commands require “root” privileges to run.

Which means you now need to properly authenticate to set one up

For iOS are needed declares for NEVPNManager

whoops … missed this was in iOS
Never mind :slight_smile:

[quote=272816:@Norman Palardy]whoops … missed this was in iOS
Never mind :)[/quote]

I actually need to do both, so the macOS info is very welcome. I didn’t realize one could create/connect a VPN from networksetup though. :slight_smile:

Just finished with macOS and am heading for an iOS project now. Will look at Xojo and how much trouble it will be to bring in all the necessary defines.