net.HTTPSocket problem

I am using a that I subclassed as MeterSocket. The code that calls it is

dim MySock as MeterSocket dim a As String = "" + rs.Field("SerNo").StringValue + "&getjson=TRUE" MySock.Send("GET", a)
This worked when I typed in the string with a five digit serial number in place of the recordset field and didn’t use the variable a. When I run it with the recordset as shown, it fails to compile saying [quote]There is more than one item with this name and it’s not clear to which this refers.
MySock.Send(“GET”, a) [/quote] WHen I change the [quote]a[/quote] to [quote]a.ToText[/quote] , it compiles, but throws a NilObjectException when that line executes.

This works

dim MySock as New MeterSocket dim a As Text = "" + rs.Field("SerNo").StringValue.toText + "&getjson=TRUE" MySock.Send("GET", a)

Xojo.Net.Httpsocket requires TEXT not string. It is part of what was to be the new Framework. docs