Nested WebTabPanels problem Web 2.0

Hello Xojoers

I’m having some problems nesting webTabPanels. I know nesting A webTabPanel inside a webTabPanel is a no no. However I’m thinking that using a container control that holds a webTabPanel which holds a webListbox and putting that container control in a Tab in the first (parent) webTabPanel should work. However the webListBox is not displaing any rows when I do this. If I remove the webTabPanel from the container control and I keep the webListBox the webListBox is displayed correctly.

Anyone else have found this to be an issue?

Is there a workaround for this?

I had the same issue. I now use a WebPagePanel on a WebPage, on each Panel is a WebContainer, on each WebContainer is another WebPagePanel, one these panels I have either a WebTabPanel with a WebListBox, or a list of fields. Only one level of WebTabPanels.

For other items I create another new WebPage.

What I find odd is that everything works OK except for the WebListBox.

Thanks for your input!

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