Nested modules: Changing Superclasses in the Inspector fails


in nested modules it is impossible to change the superclass of a class in the inspector. If you make a change, the Super TextField updates to the old value. Is there a trick how to do this anyway?

This appears, if the class you wanna use the new Super class has private scope.



@Greg_O_Lone, @Paul_Lefebvre, @William_Yu

Where is the new super in relation to the class?

What do you mean?

Is the class you are changing also inside that same module as the class you are setting it’s super to? If not, there’s your problem. Private class can only be referenced from within the same module. If so, try using the fully qualified class name, as in, Module1.ClassName.

Yes the class is in the exactly same module. Please watch the attached screen record in the Feedback case. Robin now marked it as „Reproducible“.