Nested Container Controls Issue?

I have a webpage in an app that contains about 5 container controls to display chapters of content. For example, you click the Next button and page 1 might display a webpage in an HTML control, you click Next again and it might display a multiple choice question or play a movie in the HTML viewer. I don’t use any 3rd party controls and I’m using 2015 R3.

One particular thing to note is that the Multiple Choice question container control has another little container control nested in it that displays a ‘Correct/Incorrect’ web animation window similar to the Candy Crush drop-down screens.

When I upload the app to the Xojo server, that particular page runs extremely slow. The logs show that all of the methods run when you click Next are completed in less than a second, but it might take 1-2 minutes for the page to update the display and load the new HTML page or display a different container control. Everything runs correctly, just EXTREMELY slowly.

The CPU usage on the browser also jumps from about 4-5% to 15% when that page opens.

I have run this as a standalone web app on both a Mac and a Linux computer and they load all of the same web data quickly and everything is very responsive.

Do you think that using container controls might be causing a slow-down? Or, should I bite the bullet and try upgrading to a 2017 version of Xojo for better compliance with the Xojo servers? I’ve been scared to update because I follow the theory–if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I’m really just hoping for any thoughts that might lead me to the place to start looking for trouble.

As an update, I realized that the web containers have a web animator and the containers within them also have a web animator.

After researching issues with the web animator, I’m thinking that might be a part of the issue. I will be testing an update tonight and will post back in case anyone else tries something similar.

Okay, figured out my own problem and I will probably make a separate post with a different title just to make it easier to search for in the name of posterity, but…

putting a web container that contains a web animation inside another control that uses a web animation doesn’t work…just so you know…it takes a real long time to process…and geeks stuff up.

the end.

As I said, file a bug report. Make sure you test on every browser/platform you can get your hands on.