Need updated sybase-adsodbc.exe driver?

We used the sybase-adsodbc.exe driver in our application to read and convert from a Visual Foxpro application’s data files. This driver works fine in Windows 7, but does not work in Windows 10/11. Any idea where to get an updated driver? Our application is still being compiled in 32 bit so it’s not a 64 bit issue.

Just an update in case anyone is following this post.

One of our applications has a conversion option that will convert the client’s data files from our old version (written in Visual Foxpro using DBF files) to our new version (written in XOJO using SQLITE). This code was written back in circa 2015 and provided to enumerable customers that successfully converted their data.

Along comes a user, the first one in years, that wants to convert to our new version and he ran that option to convert his data. Xojo crashed after converting just a couple of files. He has over 450 client data files to convert and our option converts all of them at one time, including another 1,000 or so prior year files that it also has to convert.

At first I thought this option needed a thread, so I add a thread to run the process through and it still crashed.

Finally, I went back to Windows 7 running in VMWARE and the conversion worked without the thread. I compared the code and it is the same original code written back in 2015 unchanged. That version of xojo was 2018r3. Not sure what’s changed… Windows or XOJO, but we converted the data for the client and sent it back to him.

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