Need to change server provider

Anyone have a recommendation for a server provider? I need to change because I’ve gotten NO customer service from my current provider.

I’m losing customers because my server is down and cannot even get a response

The two big ones are Xojo Cloud and ServerWarp. I don’t think the are any other “easy button” Xojo web service providers.

I’ve had success with command line apps on DigitalOcean, but I’ve not yet done a full blown web app.

Tim . . . I tried not to call out Phillip in front of everyone.

Will Xojo provide any help or do they expect you to be an expert?

Right now I just need to reboot the server (I think) but I can only connect thru FTP. Any ideas?

It’s hard not to re-recommend the provider you’re on if we don’t know who you’re having trouble with. That was my only goal, I apologize. I’ve removed the hints from my posts.

The last time I needed walk-you-through-it advice they were great. Xojo Cloud is definitely an “easy button” I don’t know if they offer detailed uptime statistics for their services or not. I’m sure you can always reach out to with questions.

DigitalOcean will definitely be a “you have to be the expert” scenario - they’ve likely not even heard of Xojo.

I’m getting bad gateway error and the desktop app provided cannot connect to the server at all so I can’t reboot it.

I’ve had a busy web App up on Xojo Cloud for three years now without a hitch. There’s good tools to keep an eye on things and quick and easy to reboot on the odd occasion when necessary. On a couple of occasions I’ve had excellent support from Xojo. It’s easy to use, I would recommend as an option.