Need to access HTTPSocket from app start up


In my iOS app I currently have a view with an HTTPSocket that when a user taps the button, it sends their name and membership number and returns a True or False (Are they a member).

But I need to do this during startup once a month to see if they are still Active members. If they are not I need to de-activate the app, turning off some features.

Problem is I do not know how to have the Socket at the app level and how to get access to the PageRecieved event. I know there has to be a way to do this, just have never done this before.

A property on the app instance would do
At App.Open you can use Addhanlder to set up a method to handle the page received event

I’m getting a Compile Error:

AddHandler gSocket.PageReceived, AddressOf PReceived

Getting a nil exception:

PReceived(Sender As RestSocket, ltText as Text, HTTPStatus As Integer, Content As xojo.Core.MemoryBlock)

Originally didn’t have ltText but got compiler error.

Do you have a line before this to create the instance of the socket?

gSocket = New httpsocket

I thought I was forgetting something. Thanks for giving the grey matter a kick!