Need some CSS expertise

Not Xojo related, I’m trying to figure out some CSS syntax for my website’s main style sheet. I obviously don’t understand how the syntax works. I had a table on a webpage that worked fine until I added this to the style sheet:

/* This affects other tables; not just class="pictext" ones */
table.pictext > th, td {
  padding-top: 10px;
  padding-bottom: 20px;

After I added the above, all tables without a style class assignment had their padding affected.
When I changed the line

table.pictext > th, td {


table.pictext {

then the problem went away. I don’t understand why. Shouldn’t this only affect tables whose class is “pictext”.

I think that that line means pictext class table headers and all td’s have the following styles applied.

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table.pictext > th, table.pictext > td


Thanks. That fixed it.

I really need to get a decent CSS reference manual.