Need help with scalability test on EC2 Windows Server 2019 Reverse Proxy

Can some of you guys open and leave 4-10 or so tabs running for the next 24-48 hours?

I have deployed a stand alone xojo web app that fires a session timer once per second to update some GUI elements. The server is Windows 2019 using a reverse proxy on a T3A Micro Instance dual core / 1GB AMD EPYC (no load balancer in place). The site will run HTTP or HTTPS.

I’m curious how many people we can get on before it takes a dump in usability


Open as many tabs as you can!

Well we got to 100 sessions and 25% server load. Funny, the CPU load seemed to be split between the VCPUs

Thanks to Anthony of GraffitiSuite for pegging the server up to 3000 sessions (Perhaps not all were rendering but still a good test to have)

The data was still being transferred and they were active sessions. Should have been around 15,500 total sessions.

I opened about 10 tabs in chrome on windows and some of the tabs switched to “app offline” at 14 sessions.

That’s probably a browser limit and has nothing to do with a lack of server capacity. A couple of years back i tested this on several browsers including chrome and all didn’t get further then 6 or 7 sessions at the same time. Firefox performed as best with 7 to 8 sessions and as a surprise IE performed as fastest for graphics.