Need help to create AppWrapper installer

I am going nuts trying to set up all the apple certificates and then configure AppWrapper. Does anybody want to make some money by helping me step through all the processes? I am glad to pay.

Most of that likely is within the scope of the AppWrapper support you will get from Sam. AppWrapper itself will make .pkg installers. It can also pair with a couple of .dmg utilities (I use DMGCanvas) to create notarized .dmg installers.

After installing your certificates on your computer(s), you’ll need to create an “app-specific password” in your Apple developer account. This is for the notarization step. If you plan to notarize on multiple devices/apps, each will need a password of its own. Apple has instructions for this.

I’m not averse to paid consulting, but I hope this gives you a start. You may PM me if need be. :slight_smile: