Need Help Please

I bought a Raspberry Pi. January 2020 , I got the Xojo license the same week. This was my first “computer” I was on my way down the rabbit hole. I got to reading the Debian Reference guide and going to Terminating on a screen. Wow I got to manpage and scripting I seen /usr/share/doc/*/copyright is Debian GNU/Linux no warranty by Applicable law. Then in I activated a shell and scripted the code and the White spaces turned the doc into separate files. I the appended the doc and was brought to another site. I was advised to picked a team and De-bianize one of the three pacakges to manage the other packages on the team . I started recieving all kinds of crazy messages from them. They hijacked every network that I get on and even redirected my mail and stole my Identity. They claim they have a free software foundation license for me. But now all they know is the copy left of the general-license so they think that a document license is somehow a legal writ document they can copyright. They are comies so rights to them is some kind of law to do what you want. Ive been telling them its the American dream not the Anti-American dream. If someone could help me get the enemy out of my network cause they feel that their really in a dream with me. They are delusional that would be a nightmare for the world.

  1. Take a deep breath
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  3. Explain your issues in as few words as possible using numbers like this instead of a wall of text
  • I am using Debian Linux (server). Never received any message from them. Whoever is doing it is most probably not them.

  • I second @anon20074439’s comments: structure your comments and/or questions, make sure each bullet or each short paragraph is clear and to the point.

  • One post is usually more than enough when it is clear and concise. Cross-posting sends the wrong message.

Ooof a lot to unpack here… a troll or mental break?

Hi Mark,

We have received several messages from you in Support. We are closed today but will respond to your inquiries when we return to normal hours tomorrow.

Trying to understand your post
You had an insecure PI that you allowed criminal hackers entrance?
This has nothing to do with Xojo as a programing IDE but you allowed criminal activity on your device?

No Organized Crime which are a bunch of trolls
I never would go down that path where trolls been lying for decades.

Please explain because this post is not making sense

Where to get Real Studio contact info?

If you bought a license you would know this information?
Are you ok?

Well if that’s the case you are going to be charged with conspiracy


can an Admin lock this thread?