Need Advice - Xojo sync to Drupal


We are an association and our Members have an account on our Website.

It is a Drupal 7 site. I want to create a process that keeps our Drupal Database updated from our Membership DB. Like Adding new members, setting a users access level, revoking access and address changes or what ever.

In the past on our Drupal 6 system I would upload a CSV file and run a php script to handle it. What I want to do now is have it do it in realtime as our membership data base gets changed, immediately update the Drupal Site.

I would like to access the Drupal MySql tables directly but in order to do that I need to convert the Drupal Password function to Xojo.

Here are the Password functions:


unction user_hash_password($password, $count_log2 = 0) {
  if (empty($count_log2)) {
    // Use the standard iteration count.
    $count_log2 = variable_get('password_count_log2', DRUPAL_HASH_COUNT);
  return _password_crypt('sha512', $password, _password_generate_salt($count_log2));


function _password_crypt($algo, $password, $setting) {
  // The first 12 characters of an existing hash are its setting string.
  $setting = substr($setting, 0, 12);

  if ($setting[0] != '$' || $setting[2] != '$') {
    return FALSE;
  $count_log2 = _password_get_count_log2($setting);
  // Hashes may be imported from elsewhere, so we allow != DRUPAL_HASH_COUNT
  if ($count_log2 < DRUPAL_MIN_HASH_COUNT || $count_log2 > DRUPAL_MAX_HASH_COUNT) {
    return FALSE;
  $salt = substr($setting, 4, 8);
  // Hashes must have an 8 character salt.
  if (strlen($salt) != 8) {
    return FALSE;

  // Convert the base 2 logarithm into an integer.
  $count = 1 << $count_log2;

  // We rely on the hash() function being available in PHP 5.2+.
  $hash = hash($algo, $salt . $password, TRUE);
  do {
    $hash = hash($algo, $hash . $password, TRUE);
  } while (--$count);

  $len = strlen($hash);
  $output = $setting . _password_base64_encode($hash, $len);
  // _password_base64_encode() of a 16 byte MD5 will always be 22 characters.
  // _password_base64_encode() of a 64 byte sha512 will always be 86 characters.
  $expected = 12 + ceil((8 * $len) / 6);
  return (strlen($output) == $expected) ? substr($output, 0, DRUPAL_HASH_LENGTH) : FALSE;

The other possible way is to run the php inside of Xojo, Not sure how to do that but I thought I read somewhere that it can be done.



I see this a rather old post. But in case anybody is wondering about this…

In Drupal it is possible to create a view that outputs JSON data. So yeah… You can even send JSON data to create, update and delete records on your Drupal site.

I have used Drupal as an online data storage system. I can easily connect with it using REST over HTTPS to use it with iOS, Console, Web or Desktop apps. And even in the near future Android as well.

[quote]For those wondering what the heck Drupal is…:
It is a CMS to make websites.