Need advice on using a Chromebook as web-app workstation

I have a potential client that runs a salon. She would like to have a laptop computer at the front desk to take customer info and other salon related tasks.

I’m thinking that a Chromebook might be a good choice for the following reasons:

  1. Chromebooks are inexpensive. If the Chromebook gets stolen from the front desk it won’t put her in the poor house.
  2. Chromebooks are pretty much locked-down and so the risk of viruses and other mischief is very low.
  3. The software she’ll be employing will be Xojo web applications so there isn’t anything to install on the Chromebook and her salon data can’t walk off.

Does this seem like a reasonable set of assumptions? If not, what is the downside to employing a Chromebook as a small business workstation?


While I haven’t used a Chromebook myself, your logic is certainly sound. Unless someone chimes in with a specific reason why not, I’d say it’s a good bet. Most business software has in-browser counterparts that can be employed. I can’t even remember the last time I used an installed Office-like suite, for instance.

Save even more money and have them use a Kindle FireHD 10.

We use a couple here to Make sure we’ve not “outgrown” a web app as a desktop app replacement. They work great.