Need a combobox having Contains search for a list of rows

Dear All,

Can anyone please tell me how to make a combobox with 'Contains search pattern. As it is by default it is only ‘StartsWith’ . Thank you .


roll your own

There is a GraffitiSuite control that perhaps may suit your needs. I am investigating using it in one application where I need to restrict choices based on user input.

If that does not work for you or if you don’t want to use third party controls, then @Dave S answer is the other option.

are you talking about GraffitiSearchCanvas??? technically, it isn’t a combobox

No. I was referring to the GraffitiWebPopupmenu, which I could swear there was an equivalent on the desktop side. Apparently, there is only one in my dreams.

Thank you all for your suggestions. I got the solution from Neil Burkholder. He has the source code multicolumn search combobox.