Navigator Changes [Feature Request]

I’ve heard some discussion about the navigator in the past.
Instead of whining I will try to show exactly how I think the navigator should work.
If others are agreed I will file it as a feature request.
@Geoff Perlman , @Norman Palardy , @Bob Keeney , @Michel Bujardet

I would like to see:

  1. The first tab lists only top level items windows, modules, etc.
  2. Clicking on an item in this list would either open a new tab with that top level item or take you to the existing tab if one is already open.
  3. Tabs should always show the name of the top level item (window).
  4. Right clicking Items in the 1st main tab would give you the option to open an additional tab if one is already open (Existing ‘Open in new Tab’)
  5. In tabs for top level items the drop down list would be a filter with options like [All Items, Events, Methods, Properties]
  6. In the first main tab the drop down list would be a filter with options like [All Items, Windows, Modules, Reports, Threads]
  7. In the first main tab folders could be expanded, but all other items clicking expand or double click would take you to that tab.
  8. The Search filter should only displayed items. In the first main tab you would have an option to search all project items.

No 1 is <> . I seem to remember that during the last Xojo conference a “new and improved” IDE was shown.

I think they already have the features for the Navigator redesign in place. Based on what we saw at XDC every tab will be ‘project level’ until you drill down.

I don’t disagree with many of your suggestions. I suggest you submit a feedback request with as much detail as possible so that the better ideas, or ideas that don’t disagree with what Xojo is planning, can get a chance to get added.

I would also ask that when loading a project instead of all the flickering as tabs are loaded, they should be made invisible and a progress bar should show ‘Initializing Project’.

I did a writeup on the info we got at XDC at

I never used real-basic so I can’t imagine life without the navigator. The main problem is it gets cluttered when you have a window with 50 methods and 100 properties.

Are you sure the window needs all those methods and properties?
I know things can get complex, but it sounds like you could use a refactoring.

REALbasic wasn’t without a Navigator, the first tab was the top level only. Double-clicking an item opened it in a new tab (or switched to that tab if already open).

And yes, the “new” IDE getting cluttered due to the missing top level was the #1 complaint.

[quote=313751:@Tim Parnell]Are you sure the window needs all those methods and properties?
I know things can get complex, but it sounds like you could use a refactoring.[/quote]
Actually 91 methods and 116 properties in one window. Plus a module with 45 methods.
If I would be starting over I would use a container control for each tab.

Here is a screen shot of one of the tabs. It might be verging on complex…

That would make it much more manageable, and I would highly recommend it. Especially since you’re having trouble navigating your project at this point. The only other thing I can recommend is a bigger screen, but that’s just fixing the symptom not the problem :wink:

I use a lot of containers, in part, to simplify the Navigator.

I see that only on slow computer(s), not on i5 nor i7 computers.


The main problem is to never get my objects at open time in the state I left them before closing the project(s).

JEPP! :wink:

And I see it every time I use Xojo.


I apologize: I have that on a entry level PC laptop (WIndows 10), not on my MacBook Pro laptop.

How large is your project (at 40-50MB, the speed is still fast enough) ?

That said (it takes time), this is nice.

I’m not sure if that would make it better or worse. I already have 28 top level items, so adding more containers would make that part harder to navigate.

I see your project navigator in the gif about the flickering. Your lack of folders is a great place to start.
Here’s a screenshot from the navigator of my large project, Answers. It uses very few windows and many containers.

I can find anything in my project without searching, because I’ve organized it in a logical manner. Some of the projects I’ve come across that aren’t organized… not so much.

Can I hear an amen? Preach, Brother Tim! Spread the gospel of project organization!

I was looking for the double like button. :slight_smile: