Navigation bar on modal view

Using declares, I am displaying a modal view with the presentation style of FormSheet. No problem there. Next, I want to use a the navigation bar on this modal view to either accept the user’s entry or to allow how him/her to cancel and go back to the previous view but I can’t get the navigation bar to display.

I assume I’m breaking the navigation controller stack somehow but I’m not sure how to resolve this. I could fake the navigation bar on this view but I’d rather do it properly if possible. Any ideas?

By design, iOS does not re-use any existing navigation stack or navigation bar on a modally presented view. The framework doesn’t know that you want another controller created. So, you’d need to use a declare to create a new/separate navigation controller other than the framework-provided nav bar in that case.

Ugh sorry, there was an almost exactly-the-same thread posted a couple of days ago.

Thanks Travis.