Navigating a website from a desktop application

From a desktop application, how do I login into a secure website, enter data into forms, navigate screens, and copy data off screens? Id there an example application that shows these topics? I tried the command with a Dictionary of my username and password, but I wasn’t sure how to trigger the Login_Button. If I do get in, how to I execute a browser back function(e.g. in Chrome)? I think I can scrape what I want off the screen using the Get function.

Chances are you won’t be able to do this with a simple socket. Most websites require that their clients run JavaScript and have a Document Object Model, like a browser.

It’s also worth noting that scraping data from websites is usually against usage policies.

It’s not difficult if you know how browser works. I’ve created several web crawlers for some companies using Xojo. The most difficult part is dealing with ajax-based website.