“Navigate” into a file (HTMLViewer)

This is for Desktop project.

I have a project with a window that displays html pages I did not create (I took them from the internet).

They do not use “<” a name = “Sub_Name” “>” “<” /a “>”, but apparently, I can use “<” h2 “>” to do the same.

How can I ask the HTMLViewer Control to display “<” h2 “>“Sub_Name_14”<” /h2 “>” for example.

In fact, is it possible ?

Of course, I can check the html file and

a. build a list of entries (inside the <h2></h2> block),
add that list in ExpandRow Event
b. At Click time search that entry position, but I have no idea to how to ask the HTMLViewer to display that (either at the top of the page or at the page middle !).

Doable ? Ideas ?

Actually, in each ListBox Row, there is a String (worked from the html file name) and a FolderItem that reference this html file is stored in the RowTag (one Column only, that let me the CellTag free for eventual future use).

I had to quote the “<” and the “>” because this software interpret these as orders…