NavCancl Error While trying to load Url on HTMLViewer

Hi folks!

I’m having a problem, I don’t know if someone else has experimented this issue.

I have an HTMLViewer, I set it with Native and Webkit without problems in Mac, Windows 7, Windows 8. It load the URL Successfully.

But Now I run the program in Windows 10 in several machines and doesn’t load the URL.
I have a label that says the value of “URL” on DocumentBegin of HTMLViewer, I do this in order What page Am I loading.

But the label says this: res://ieframe.dll/navcancl.htm#name-of-the-url-requested.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

For This I login in a webpage that i put on LoadURL, and returns this URL: “
If the login was successful.

So to parse this event I use CancelLoad event of the HTMLViewer to Catch “URL”
So analyzing URL if the login was successful the LoadURL another webpage.

How do you seriously expect anybody to help if you do not give more details about the URL you are trying to access ?

This may help :

[quote=242065:@Michel Bujardet]How do you seriously expect anybody to help if you do not give more details about the URL you are trying to access ?

This may help :[/quote]
Hi Michel the Load that I’m trying to access is this:
Dim Acceso As String = “


In CancelLoad event HTMLViewer’s:

IF URL = “” Then
me.LoadURL(“”) ///This is the final webpage that may be opened if the login is successful
End If

I read the link that you posted And Also I tried the Reg Fix that mentioned there.

And this works in Mac, right ?

Works in Mac, in Windows 7 and Windows 8

But when I try to run it on Windows 10, doesn’t work

And when you say you applied the reg fix, that is the update to IE11, right ?

Have you experimented with Renderer set to Webkit instead ?

Have you experimented with asking for official API access?

I solved Reading carefully again the Microsoft Article about Browser Emulation, I done this:

Dim reg2 As New RegistryItem("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft")
reg2 = reg2.AddFolder("Internet Explorer")
reg2 = reg2.AddFolder("Main")
reg2 = reg2.AddFolder("FeatureControl")
reg2 = reg2.AddFolder("FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION")
reg2.Value(App.ExecutableFile.Name) = 11001 

As Michel says for Emulate IE11 or Edge, right?

And doing this, It works!!!

I just put together a quick test app in 2015R4 with an HTMLViewer and in a button :

HTMLViewer1.LoadURL ""

I seems the site SAT Administracion Tributaria responds well. Of course, as I did not enter the proper credentials, I get a Msg from the SAT site saying :
El RFC o contrasena son incorrectos. Verifique su informacion e interlo de nuevo.

I used the default native renderer, and my program does not even changes the version of IE.

Glad to read it :slight_smile: