Native macOS Toolbar

For anyone looking for a native macOS toolbar, I made one available on the Xojo store recently. You can find more information and a demo link on my website.


This looks great! Any chance of extending this or creating a similar project for Windows?

(macos 13.4.1)

You’ll need to put the dylib into the copy files step again.

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I’ll do this to test, but App crash in Window1.Opening doing ‘RebuildToolbar’ when AddItem : nstoolbar1.AddItem(MakeItem(“Trash”, “trash”))

Interesting. You’re the second person to report that and I have no idea why yet.

Could you separate that line into two like this?

Dim item as SOSToolbar.NSToolbarItem = MakeItem(“Trash”, “trash”)

And tell me it item is Nil?

Well the good news is that I can reproduce it now… working on a solution.

…and Fixed.