Naming an Application

This seems so simple, yet I just can’t figure it out…

It’s been a very long time since I started a new application from scratch. I’ve been wanting a File search utility and found an Example program that is very close to exactly what i want. So, I took that example, made some modifications, and have tested it out.

Now I want to create and save the new program and call it “FileSearch.exe” as a Windows Program. I’ve saved the code as FileSearch.xojo_binary_project and have changed the ID property to “FileSearch” under the application properties.

However, every time I build the project, the results are “My Application.exe” with a “My Application Libs” folder.

What am I missing to get the program to build as FileSearch.exe ?

Ron Bower

You need to change the name in “Build Settings” under the OS your building to.

Thanks, Don. I knew it was simple but just couldn’t find it.


Don’t feel bad, Ron … that’s how I knew it was there … I remember well the first time I looked for that little ■■■■■■! ^^