.Name Layout (property name) Type mismatch error. Expected Integer, but got TextLiteral Name

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writing this so I will find it, if I forget how to fix it later

when you move from a old XOJO version to a new version sometimes the HTTPSecureSockets get corrupted.
Over time values are added which cause the compilation to fail on the newer version…
For example, save the project as XML and then edit the TEXT file.
Look for

The are a list of Property Values which should start with

If there are values above this line there is a good chance
a) they are not required
b) are causing the compilation to fail.

In my example I found these

The only one which worried me was “ConnectionType” however it is SSL and there is a “SSLConnectionType” further down the list.

delete the lines , save the text file and then open the XML file in XOJO.
Run the App / WE and if all is OK save it as the next version.

i hope this helps someone and maybe even me later.


Web 2.0 is marketed as a new product, so you’ll find there are some changes and new features.

SSLConnectionType is no longer necessary as URLConnection negotiates the protocol with the server automatically. HTTPSecureSocket is gone, replaced by URLConnection which has many other benefits and improvements.

Xojo has a blog post about upgrading projects to Web 2.0: https://blog.xojo.com/2020/08/27/converting-web-projects-to-web-framework-2-0/

Additionally, upgrading older projects to the latest and greatest is one of the services I can offer. More details at XojoConsulting.com

thanks Tim,
I have PM you to see what you can do