N00b question - how to install Xojo on Mac?

I have a friend who has a Mac and when Xojo was downloaded, it shows up as a drive that is mounted. How do people install it on their Macs?

Thanks for answering my newbie question (I have not used Macs in a long time).

After the .DMG is mounted, double click it to open a Finder window of the contents. Within you’ll find a Xojo 2021 Release 2.1 folder (or whatever version they downloaded) with an arrow pointing to an Applications folder. Drag the Xojo folder to the Applications folder and it’s now installed. Your friend can open Xojo from the Macintosh HD/Applications/Xojo 2021 Release 2.1 folder

Then dismount the disk image.

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Yes absolutely. Several ways of doing this…

  1. Drag to the Trash icon on Dock (it’ll turn to an eject icon)
  2. Right click on the disk image if on the Desktop and select Eject
  3. Select the disk image if on the Desktop and press CMD+E
  4. From a Finder window, find the disk image in the side bar on the left and there will be a small eject button
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LOL the image that opens up LITERALLY indicates to drag the folder to the Applications folder, there should be text saying such as part of the beautiful background image on what opens when you double-click the drive that mounts.

Such would help very tired people like me. [brain fog still got me]

It’s been part of the Mac culture for so long that many developers don’t add the text anymore. I’ve been a Mac user for so long it’s, “of course you do it that way. What other way is there?” But yeah, sometimes it’s not obvious for someone coming from Windows or Linux.

I started with simple DOS computers, then moved slowly up to MS Windows.

I didn’t buy my first Mac until about 2004(?). The first time I downloaded an app and tried to install it, I was like totally WTF?

I had to phone my cousin (an avid Mac user) and ask him for help. It was so simple, it was mind boggling at the time.

It’s not obvious to a lot of Mac users, either. I’ve dealt with more than one who ran the app directly from the .dmg in the Downloads folder, cleaned house, then wondered what happened to it.

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