Mysql upgrade and weird problems

Hi all,
i was using mysql community server version 5.1.4; i decided to upgrade to version 5.7.9 and now i am facing few problems.
The major is the following:
on certain tables xojo is returning only one row, no matter how many there are in table.
for example the original query is returning 686 rows when used in Sequel Pro, just one with xojo
even “select table.* from table” returns one row while pro sequel returns the whole 686 set.

tried various versions of the mysqlcommunity server plugin and i am using the same account in xojo and sequel pro.

Before rolling back i wish i could try something else.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Is there any info in the ErrorMessage property?

How do you check that?
Are you looping through until LastRecord after making sure you start at FirstRecord?
Or are you asking for a RecordCount?