MySQL to SQLite Schema

Has anyone got a recommendation for free utility for OS X to export a MySQL schema and convert to SQLite schema?

Been there done that and just used Navicat to export it then stripped all the data types since SQLite’s typing is not like any other db’s
I did not keep all the foreign key constraints at the time but could do so now.
Then ran the sql script in sqlite terminal and away I went

The only way I know of is the manual way like Norman said. Shouldn’t be terribly hard since SQLite has fewer Field datatypes than MySQL.

If your database is relatively small (ie number of tables and fields) then SQLite Professional will import csvs exported ftom Sequel Pro but you’ll have to create the tables and fields first. Not ideal but it works and its sensibly priced (pay what you want).

I just spent a very tedious few hours trying loads of Mac software that basically didnt work before I found this solution.

Haven’t used anything free (other than mysqldump -> vi), but have used SQLabs’ SQLite Converter with success before.

It’s currently cheaper to buy it from the Mac App Store than their own web site for some reason.

Thanks everybody. I wrote my own solution in the end but thanks for the input, appreciated.

There is also