MySQL Server on Mac and remote connections

Who is running MySQL on their Mac?
I see a couple options to install it. The one I used uses a PLIST that overrides the (non-existent) cfg file.
I cannot figure out for the life of me how to enable a remote connection from my Windows machine.

Any tips?

I just found out about this awesome app from the Table Plus people!

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i remember remote access was disabled in config by default for security reasons^^

i found a older note for maria db

The problem was that the server was listening internally only.
Removing the line bind-address from /etc/mysql/my.cnf solved the issue.


Thank you for mentioning that @Tim_Parnell. Just what I was looking for!

This is really great. Now I still need to figure out how to enable remote connections, but the deployment isa million times better than what I as using!

I couldn’t access a file to do that with the distribution I found. Now I’ll try to do that in the version Tim pointed me to. Very interesting stuff.

You are a wealth of knowledge and a huge help to this community. Thanks.

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odd. I got it running very fast (obviously), but the query performance is very slow compared to the last distribution I used.
I’ll have to play a bit. The good news is that if it works, it works.