MySql Replication/Backup On XC

We frequently need a full Database backup of our MySql database on XC (this is a corporate requirement not something we can technically work around)

In order to back up a Mysql database to your local machine,it is necessary to use a desktop utility and remote into he DB

However, by its nature, the DB must be locked down during the backup.

In the case of larger database, even with a relatively fast connection this could shut the app down for 10 minutes. – not acceptable

If the backup is dumped locally (On xc) it should takes 30 seconds or so. – this is acceptable

But it is not possible to get the DB backup in XC.

Thoughts on how I might accomplish this:

  1. Is the a query I can run to dum the file locally to the Shared_Documents folder?

  2. We have to cloud accounts (one live one for dev) can I Sync it there?

  3. Wait for Xojo to add a feature #41980

4, What am I missing?

What is XC?

XC = Xojo Cloud

Don’t know XC but can you run a replication slave?
If yes, when it’s backup time, break the connection and back up the slave.
When the slave is connected again, it will automatically catch up.
No downtime.

Xojo Guys…any comment here?

Would be interested to know what you ended up doing to handle this Jay?