MYSQL Question

This is more of a MYSQL question, but I respect the knowledge here and am hoping someone can show me a simple solution.

I have my own server, on it is an implementation of MYSQL - I have two databases on the mysql installation.

Database1 and Database2. There are various tables on both, but there is an identical table also on both.

I need to be able to write to Database1 and have it automagically update Database2 at the same time. Is there any way to do this?

i think you can copy your row with the help of a trigger into your second database table.
there are insert,update,delete triggers.

Markus, I will delve into phpmyadmin and see wha tI can come up with.

search: “trigger” :slight_smile:
or some key words in google will find some examples.

Never did such thing but try with replication, ie: