MySQL Issue with BooleanValue Field

Has anyone seen this before?

Dim mSQL as string
Dim rs as Recordset
Dim mNow As New Date
If app.db.Connect Then
  mSQL = "SELECT * FROM Segments WHERE Recno = "+str(ListboxSegs.DataArray(mIndex).Recno)
  rs = app.db.SQLSelect(mSQL)
  rs.Field("InPoint").DoubleValue   = SegContainer.InPoint
  rs.Field("OutPoint").DoubleValue  = SegContainer.OutPoint
  rs.Field("Approved").Value = 1 //  <------------------  This works
  rs.Field("Approved").BooleanValue = True //  <--------  This doesn't
  rs.Field("RecordModified").DateValue = mNow

Yes. MySQL doesn’t have a native boolean field so you typically use a TinyInt field with length 1.

That’s what this field is, TinyInt.

Then can I do this:

rs.Field(“Approved”).Value = True
rs.Field(“Approved”).IntegerValue = True

Thanks Bob