MySQL database in cloud hosts?


I’m managing some MySQL databases for clients of mine. One of my clients is constantly complaining about the long loading times and limited space in his DB. The thing is it’s not my fault, because the whole system gets bottlenecked because of their outdated server. I’ve been thinking about switching their system over in a cloud. It would solve their problems and my Database would finally run smooth. For that I’d like to use a service software like Aiven, to make the cloud implementation a bit easier. Does anyone know if that works? I would really like to hear some stories before recommending that to my client…

Thanks in advance

Assuming you’re asking about a Xojo app using a MySQL database … Yes you can put the database in the cloud, it works. Two major concerns:

  1. Security - maybe Aiven takes care of this for you, I’m not familiar with their platform. But make sure you’re using an encrypted connection with strong passwords.
  2. Performance - if you’re transitioning from a local to a remote server you’ll likely notice a performance hit. Really depends on your application. Minimize the number of queries you execute. And don’t use SELECT * when SELECT col1, col2 will do - reduce the amount of data transmitted.

Also make sure you application can recover from a dropped database connection - much more likely with remote servers.

There have been recent discussions about these issues in this forum. Lots of opinions and good suggestions. Use the forum search to find them.