MySQL Crash in 2015R3 in Web Project

I have a project the works fine in 2015R.2.4 The same project in 2015R3 hard crashes. You can duplicate the issue by creating a new web project add a button to the web page and add the following code to the button “Action” event:

dim db as new MySQLCommunityServer db.port=3386"SERVER" db.UserName="USERNAME" db.Password="PASSWORD" db.DatabaseName="DBNAME" if db.Connect=true then dim rec as RecordSet rec=db.SQLSelect("select * from ...'") <----Crashing here no error just prompts me to report the problem. end if
I will create a feedback ticket but wanted to see if anyone else has seen this.

copy & pasted your code into a new web project on OS X 10.9.5 using 2015r3
runs fine

Crashed for me on Windows 10 PC and a windows 8.1 PC. Runs fine if code is in a desktop app.

Jordan, 32 or 64 Bit? If using try… catch clause does it still crash? I assume stand alone web server? In which user context? Same proviledges?

Try catch does nothing in this case. Its a stand alone Web server running on the same privileges as xojo is. The same code in xojo 2015R2.5 runs just fine its only in 2015R3 that it crashes. Image Of Error message I get It crashes right on the SQLSelect line. Its 32 bit mode in both the debugger and compiled mode that it will crash. Also crashes when compiled to a 64bit mode.

what version of mysql ?

is the report you submitted the one that gets sent f you click “Report Now” ?

I submitted the report via the “Report Now”
IDE Version : 2015 Release 3
Location: RuntimeThread.cpp(1530)
Condition: current == sCurrentThread->mThreadID
Platform: Windows 6.2

Mysql Version 5.6.17

just there is 41306 and 41307 - basically they’re duplicates
the sql is fine
its not the cause
There’s a bug (I dont know the exact details) in the plugin
41307 is one that we’ve seen and is already being looked into

I will Check this against my WebApps with MySQL on Windows today.

Jordan - definitely seeing the same issue with web apps windows 10 and 7.

You could try MBS SQL Plugin as an alternative to the built in plugin.

Same issue here. My Webapp that was written on XOJO 2015R2.1 is fine. I’m testing and developing on a Windows Server 2012 and on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. The app loads but crashes immediately as soon as I send Community MySQL calls. The actual database connects are fine but as soon as I start to SELECT data it crashes almost immediately although every now and then a SELECT completes but it does crash within moment after the first query.

[quote=222887:@Norman Palardy]
There’s a bug (I dont know the exact details) in the plugin
41307 is one that we’ve seen and is already being looked into[/quote]
And it’s being looked into ASAP

Thanks Norman, Much appreciated.