MySQL Community Plugin with new Mysql 8.0.23 router 2026:SSL connection with FIX

Hi All,

This is a bit of a warning and in case someone else has the same error.

I updated my MySQL cluster to version 8.0.23 (most recent).
It has 7 nodes and 3 routers.
If I connect directly to the nodes (on port 3306) the connection is fine.
If I connect to any of the router (on port 6446) the connection fails

Error 2026 : SSL connection error: unknown error number

I have tried changing these in all combinations.
dbaseRW.SSLEnabled = False

the connection is not SSL

I am using XOJO 2019r3.2 and receive the same error message when I use the “MySQLCommunityPlugin.xojo_plugin” from this and versions after this one.

I get no error when connecting to the Router with MySQL Workbench or HiediSQL

NOTE: I also get no error when using XOJO 2019r1.1 with its corresponding plugin. However, moving the 2019r1.1 plugin to the 2019r3.2 plugins folder does not work.

Nodes and router are on Windows 10 boxes.

FIX : When I remove the router and re-install version 8.0.22 the problem goes away.

Could this be fixed by a updated “MySQLCommunityPlugin.xojo_plugin” given it only seems to have a problem with a connection from XOJO?