MySQL Client for Windows with HiDPI support?

I usually develop on an iMac but have been gifted a rather lovely Dell XPS 13 with a HiDPI screen and am trying to get some work done with Xojo on it.

Does anyone know of a good MySQL GUI client for Windows 10 that doesn’t look rubbish in HiDPI? Have tried Heidi, SQLyog and MySQL Workbench but all are blurry. I don’t mind paying for one. Not familiar with the Windows app world, hence the need for advice.

Many thanks,

You could try Navicat.

Thanks, I’ll take a look. Why is HiDPI support so bad on every platform except macOS? Honestly, this isn’t a new technology after all!

It just comes down to number of units having the need (or even ability) to display HiDPI vs the number of units not needing it. PC vs MAC on this is probably 5% vs 95%.

With HiDPI becoming more ubiquitous in Windows laptops the switch over to support HiDPI apps should increase.

Considering MS has only just converted Notepad, one of their simplest apps, I wouldn’t count on that fast a take up but it will increase a time goes on.

Well IMHO Windows has a lot of more legacy apps than macOS. Some Business Apps of my customers are written in the 90ies still working today on current Win7/ Win10 PCs … on Mac this technically would be impossible (PowerPC/Intel, Carbon/Cocoa and now 32/64 Bit)

This is wrong. Macintosh computers are 64 since… long, longer than Xojo.

8088 applications ? Windows 2 applications ? :slight_smile:

Just a little smile, no offence.

[quote=316817:@Emile Schwarz]This is wrong. Macintosh computers are 64 since… long, longer than Xojo.
8088 applications ? Windows 2 applications ? :slight_smile:
Just a little smile, no offence.[/quote]

of course no offence… and yes the 90ies were from 91 till 99. I am writing this because a couple of minutes ago I’ve had a case where a customer needed tech support with this app…

it was once written in MS-DOS, migrated to Win95/Win98 and since then only touched for additional fields. How many AccessDB software is in use today once created in this period? On one hand I am getting my money because of this digital debts on the other hand every time I see Win3 or Win95ish Iconsets it’s a always like a punch strait into my face…

On another note, as Windows move to UWP things should start to get better for HiDPI support (at least for consumer apps, maybe not b2b).

I wonder if anyone at Xojo is playing around with standard windows controls to try and emulate UWP (and I dont mean using bridge)? :slight_smile:

this recalls me what I saw in … 1992 ! An oldster (younger than me today) asked me for some help about his Macintosh Plus (with a 512 x 384 B&W sized screen…) he used with Quark XPress…

Now, to be honest, if the customer is happy with his computer / software… Who am I to tell him to change his hardware (to a current iMac for example) / software…

I understand.

@Emile Schwarz: good question… money could help for the first time… but even with good wages on per hour-basis I would become sarcastic. and couldn’t hide my inpatience. Sooner or later I would yell at him “invest at least in pre-generation hard/software or take your old stuff and leave me alone”. I am in a fine postion to choose my projects I am working on.