I have a folderitem in memory (A pdf file)

I want to send it to the browser.

How do i send it (myPDF.launch for web?)

Create a WebFile for it and then ShowURL(pdfWebFile.URL).

Hey Paul Im getting some weirdness

Dim myPDF as FolderItem = mYMethodtoLoadFolderitem("Add_Proposal.pdf")
Dim mywebfile as WebFile
mywebfile = WebFile.Open(myPDF) 

But I get:

404: File Not Found

The requested URL “/F05A1CE1CE0E59298B2A88B0315EEAF4/files/%7B5459-7186-6795-2728-9385%7D/Add_Proposal.pdf” could not be found. Please check your request and try again.

(Yes I checked to see if myPDF was NUL)

Perhaps mywebfile is going out of scope? Look at the example on the WebFile page. You should save the WebFile somewhere so it won’t go out of scope, such as a property on the WebPage or in the App.

Yes, that’s exactly the problem. The request actually comes in from the browser after the current method has finished executing, so myWebFile no longer exists.