My Source any Place

What is the best way to continue working in 3 computer like i have one at home and one at work.

what is the easy way for have to code sync

I use version control software.

but i have some project in Mac and Windows
how it works

I use Mac but Windows on VMware

You might try a free account at and download their SourceTree software. It runs on both platforms. I think they also have Git and Mercurial tutorials.

Use dropbox?

i have dropbox but with what software

Just save it in your dropbox folder and then open it another machine as required

But avoid open it on 2 machines at the same time then, because this will leade to conflicts=copys of your project


I am not allowed, for whatever inter-office political reason, to save in VCS format. For the longest time, I have used dropbox to sync projects between me and my partner. I wrote an app that compares my source code tree to the dropbox tree. I update dropbox with anything I have changed, and update my source tree with anything he has changed. It has worked very well. I recently started using SVN/Tortoise with the binary project files and have been pleased with the results. I’ve got a diff program that compares binary format projects and I’m working on the website in my (non-existent) spare time to be able to offer it to the community at large.

If you sue dropbox you surly want to keep you’re sources safe.
See this one: CryptSync

hi joost

that is cool


Don’t use Dropbox if you want to be sure that your code is safe. Use Cubby. It’s also a sync service, but much cheaper, faster, flexible folder locations and client-side encryption:

I have my own website so what version software i can use so i use my own space of my website

I’m not sure what you’re asking but, if you want to setup your own version control server there is loads of information on the Internet. Just do a Google search. You will need root access to the server where your website is located. I setup Mercurial on my Linux server without many problems.

I would still suggest using or one of the other free/low cost services until you learn to use version control.

As the others have said DropBox type services work really well also. I just prefer VCS.

Here is a free and pretty cool source code management system.

It is Web based but it is a standalone executable and a near zero install. If you are on multiple networks you would have to deploy it somewhere on the Internet you can access it easily or make a VPN to the host machine.