My First WebApp

Inspired by my work as a criminal defense paralegal, specifically having to draft a timeline of locations a murder suspect had traveled to throughout the case. We had no real way of presenting the list of locations in sequential order. A few years of pondering plus about a week of actual work…

Check it out - this is Version 1.

Feedback / comments are appreciated.

$10/yr seems a little low :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks pretty helpful! I like how Xojo enables people to create solutions for their own industries. I would suggest adding a webpage title. Right now it says “untitled” on the browser tab.

  1. How can one delete an item from the list?
  2. Isn’t the Xojo logo is bit too large?

Congratulations Amy, Xojo allows us to make many solutions and they are very useful in our work

Not clear to me how you enter a location. Why can‘t you simply click on a place on the map?