My First Web App

Here is a brief description of the project along with the problem:

My Web Hosting specs: 512MB VPS RAM, 20GB SSD Disk Space, CubeSQL Server Included, 1TB Bandwidth

I am using cubeSQL Server database accessing two (2) tables; Employees and Timelog

Work Flow
The employee enters a PIN unique to them and the system opens the database and validates the PIN against the Employees table.
If the PIN is validated the system performs a query on the Timelog table for the current seven (7) day work week. The system will then display those Timelog records in a list box for the employee to review for accuracy. The employee cannot change or modify the records. He or she can only notify their supervisor if a Timelog record is missing or incorrect.

Another step that the system performs is to allow the user to click the IN button or the OUT button depending on whether they are clocking into work or leaving work.

Once a button is clicked the system adds a record to the Timelog table and the database is closed.

The client has 38 employees with three (3) clock in times; 7:00am (14 employees), 7:30am (15 employees) and 8:00am (9 employees). There are two (2) clock out times; 4:00pm (14 employees) and 4:30pm (24 employees).

Between 4:20pm and 4:40pm every afternoon the system slows to a crawl. When the employee enters a PIN it can take 60 to 90 seconds for the system to validate to PIN and allow the IN or OUT button to be clicked.

There are no problems during the clock in times or during the 4:00pm clock out time.

Any ideas would be appreciated…

Is it possible that your web or database server is doing some sort of scheduled backup at that time?

I will ask my hosting provider. Thanks…