My CURL SCP Testing Results

Hello everyone,

One of my projects requires the use of SCP and with Christian’s help I have been able to easily implement CURL using MBSCURL. I then had a few challenges to work through.

  1. I need to first run a ls -la on each remote directory that I need to pull the files from
  2. Parse said directory listing and prepare my file names for the CURL URL
  3. Run MBSCURL using the SCP URL
  4. All good until I needed to download 40 files (TOOK FOREVER!)

Christian introduced me to the New MultiCURL MBS Plugin as part of his 15.0 prerelease. I never heard of multicurl before so I researched the linux projects and BAM it was such a thing to my pleasant surprise :slight_smile:

Using Christian’s MultiCURLMBS example I was able to implement it similar so I could run a head to head test with MBSCURL by iteself.

Here are my results.

5 files took 1 minute 45 seconds

5 files took 0 minute 15 seconds

Wow :slight_smile: That is a serious time saving plugin that concurrently (within 20ms) runs each CURL SCP instance. Plus using MultiCURL I have complete UI access as it handles the threading for me.