My analytoc tool, do I save data in the cloud!? What's your experience?

I have an analytic tool and so far it’s a computer software. Not an app for a smart device.

This far, all data is stored on the clients computer.
But it would be neat to store data in the cloud… I mean, in the database in Internet.

Think of Skype! I can log on to skype in any computer and my contacts will show. (Etcetera)
All these things are stored in the cloud.

What is the general opinion about this?
I mean, with the public? Do they appreciate it, or hate that private data may go public?
I was thinking of a selection, “save my data in the cloud”, so the user may have the option to choose.

I mean, not all people trust the cloud!
As a developer, I have no experience of these things… But I assume, with iCoud and others, people in general, like the idea of cloud saving data.
It’s my impression!

my 2cents… I’m not going to store sensitive information on a network of computers, where I have no idea who/what does/or can get access to it. My experience with Apples iCloud has been a royal PITA… so for me the security issues more than anything else overshadow any “convienence”

The Cloud: Your data on someone else’s computer.

Definitely a big +1!

I am not sure exactly what you want to store in the Cloud, but consider this:
1- You should never store your customer’s information in the Cloud without first obtaining explicit permission to do so.
2- You should think of alternate storage methods, in case the connexion to the Cloud fails.
3- Secure storage in the Cloud is likely to cost substancial amounts of money. The less it costs, the more you are at risk that the Cloud storage operator will make money otherwise with your data.

Thank you for input!
I’m not going to argue with you! No, not at all!

Instead, I mean, do you give your customers an alternative!? Do you include the choice in your software, that the client can choose between HD and cloud? (The local drive or in Internet.)

Let me give an example!
In the business of keywords, SEO, Google and such, there are many different services.
Many of these tools are “cloud-based”, so to speak. In such sense, the tool “do the search for you on daily or weekly basis”, so to speak.

Maybe the general public is more cloud-friendly than earlier!?

Also, Xojo use the cloud to store the serial number for each copy of Xojo and in that case there is no choice for the customer to choose yes or no to the cloud.

Information is only sensitive for the specific situation! The right or wrong situation!
I’m pretty sure the average Xojo user really don’t care what Swedish domains I work with and what keywords I work with. In such situation, that information is fairly useless. While as in other situation it may be interesting! It’s different!

If you are / were storing names and addresses and credit card info then I’d be seriously concerned about storing it in the cloud

If what you’re string is a not personal information (ie/ a list of SEO keywords for a given account) then I doubt things are quite as sensitive

So you have to judge how secure things MUST be depending on what the data is and how identifiable it is
There MAY be legal requirements as well depending on how sensitive it is etc